Missing styling/auto-completion in Admin->Customize->CSS/HTML

(Sam) #1

Live site on the top (beta7+53), test site on the bottom (beta9+25).

Top has some prettiness and auto-completion (e.g. typing a { then hitting enter slaps in a }), bottom is just plain text. The customization themselves are applying and working fine, though.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not sure, we just upgraded the ACE editor there. Maybe @eviltrout knows.

(Kane York) #3


(Robin Ward) #4

I am actually getting that autocompletion stuff + color c oding in the latest version of the app.

What browser are you using?

(Sam) #5


I removed any extra plugins from the test site and did a rebuild before posting here in case that was an issue. I just noticed though I accidentally left one in (identical to one of the plugin howtos for putting something in the hamburger menu), I’ll take that one out and try again (will have to be later in the day unfortunately) if the issue is only showing up on my site.

(Robin Ward) #6

Actually @zogstrip was able to show me an error regarding this. It’s hard to reproduce locally but I am working on it now.

(Robin Ward) #7

Okay, I rebuilt the ace editor again and I’m pretty sure I could my mistake from last time! Update to the latest master and you should be good :smile:

(Sam) #8

Confirmed, just updated and all is well. Thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #9