Missing Translations in Preferences Page using a non-English language

As I was testing another bug I came across this very interesting one - all of the languages except English are missing their respective translation throughout the site, and as a result, are in English.

I am unable at this time to compile a list of all of the missing translations, but to repro this:

1.) Select a non-English language in your Preferences > Interface
2.) Refresh the site.
3.) Open up your User Page and head to Preferences
4.) Notice multiple missing translations.

I have noticed that custom items, such as custom (non-default) fields, badges, and sections tend to have missing translations.


That’s not a bug. Only some languages are fully translated.


Discourse will fall back to English when translations are missing. You can help translate at https://discourse.crowdin.com

Yes, custom user field names, custom badges, etc. can’t be translated. That’s feature request similar to Name and description of Custom User Fields should be translatable.


I will definitely help contribute, thank you for the response! :slight_smile: