Missing user avatars, bulk delete?

I used S3 for a while, and switched back to local a while ago. I then saw some logfiles with s3 urls. I can’t remember if I added the uploads to my local folder, but I think a small amount of avatars is affected.

I remapped those from the s3 url to my local url in rails.

Avatars load cached but don’t appear on profiles (some of em, I used s3 for a short while)

There are no issues with posts or they already have been updated manually.

Is there a way to delete all missing avatars or restore these to default? I don’t have access to the s3 bucket anymore; so we are talking about lost/missing avatar files - and maybe some uploads however I have not found a single post with an issue.

maybe this is what you looking for


Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for :smiley:

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