Missing workbox directory in public/javascript?

Hey there,

while hunting down some weird outages that we see on our forums, I was also checking the nginx logs within the app container. I haven’t checked them for a while now so I can’t say if those are there for longer but I see errors regarding missing Javascript files in a directory that doesn’t at all exist on my installation.


These are just some examples. I couldn’t find the on the github either and was wondering what causes these issues. I’d feel more comfortable with error logs not being spammed :slight_smile:

Any idea?

EDIT: I’m running 3.2.0.beta1 btw and I can also see those missing files in the browsers console…

Workbox appears to have to do with caching, I think.

How recently did you upgrade? There could be some bug around it, but I think we might need more information

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I’ve only updated the day before I posted.

To my reasearch workbox seems to have to do with PWA and be looked for with Chrome/Chromium browsers.

What more information do you need?