Mobile "Topic Controls" are too small for my fat fingers

I have trouble hitting the individual menu items –

They should be taller like the category menu –

The Watching button is also nicely padded.


Sure can you adjust this on mobile @Johani?


I also have trouble with topic controls regularly, I am simply never sure if I hit the right thing.

I wonder if we should consider just using native controls here aka… this built-in thing.

@awesomerobot / @Johani / @joffreyjaffeux have you thought about this?

There are pros and cons both ways, the native control though is very obvious and goes click.


If we start supporting native iOS drop downs, it’d be great to get Android native support too.

I have that problem too, because my finger pretty much covers the whole menu. I think making them wider would help.


Yeah kind of but no glyphs there unless we use uncode emoji?

Yeah this is a compromise for sure. I am not sure at all this is the correct approach.

One thing that I do notice when I look at native stuff on iOS, is that they like putting more space and lines between items, which helps a lot with fat fingers, eg (mail app does this kind of stuff):


They also tend “dim” the other parts of the UX while you are dealing with one of these things and slide it up from the bottom.

Not married to any particular solution here, but I do have constant issues with “topic controls” on mobile which I use a fair bit due to defer.


I just tapped flag instead of unassign this morning, so I made a small change that will increase the padding in the combo-box on mobile.

Before & after:

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.46.23 AM

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.46.08 AM