Mobile UI zooms undesirably on iOS

Following on from Mobile UI zooms undesirably on search

I find that editing the category of a topic on iOS now reproduces this gremlin zoom, leaving the Discourse UI horizontally truncated on mobile.

Can you reproduce this on meta? I just tried and couldn’t.

Yes, although it’s intermittent (I need to figure out a reliable repro):

Not sure if it makes any difference but I’m using the TestFlight beta of the new Discourse iOS app

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That was a bug in a recent version of Discourse, so are you sure you’re on absolute latest?

It would be helpful to see a video of this, if possible, but with an inconsistent repro it’s probably hard to record the screen.

The only thing I can think of here is that the zoom is being triggered when autofocussing on that title input. But… iOS Safari doesn’t support autofocus. And on my device, I don’t get autofocus on the input when I click the pencil icon.


You shouldn’t be able to reproduce this anymore @ChrisBeach, all inputs are now 16px on iOS to avoid triggering the automatic zoom permanently.