Moderation Dashboard : What moderation stats do you monitor?

I’m working on the design of a moderation dashboard for Discourse (accessible via the main admin dashboard).

  • What moderation related stats or information do you currently monitor?
  • What information do you wish you could monitor?
  • New Staff Notes
    Mods currently don’t receive any kind of notice about newly added user notes. It’d be handy to have these in a feed.

  • Repeat offenders
    List of users who’ve received multiple flags/warnings this week/month/year/all-time

  • Category changes
    It’d be very handy to keep track of which categories are being switched most often.


Do you mean when a topic is moved from one category to another?

There have been concerns in the past about abuse of the post editing feature. I wonder if it would be useful to see a stream of post edits, with an indication of how much of the post was changed (characters added/removed?)

  • Flags per category
    Does one category receive more flags than others?

  • Timing of flagged posts
    Is there a certain time of day where bad posts are being created? Note, this is not timing of the flags, but the time that the flagged post was created.

  • Time to handle flag
    How long does it take for flags to be resolved.


Yeah. Not sure what the best display strategy is here. I’m interested in three things:

  • How frequently are categories changed?
  • Which category is changed the most? (too general? maybe the description is bad? simply at the top of the list?
  • Which category is most frequently changed to?

Here’s a mockup. Keep in mind they should all be part of the same, 3-tabs widget: