Moderation question, How do I unhide posts?

I listed a few posts from one of my users who was posting links upon joining. They still appear hidden. Is there a way for me to make them unhidden?


Is the post deleted by the author, system, or another admin/moderator, Have you checked if those posts in the topic are on a hidden category, if they are change your category security settings.

They are in open categories and have not been deleted. All I did was list them. Is there another action to take?

Go to your admin dashboard, take a look to the Users > Silenced tab.
If you can see the user in that tab, click on the username and then search the Unsilence button


Okay I just unsilenced him. Thanks!!

When will the posts start to appear?

You should do it manually.
Go to the user profile, click on the tab Messages, scroll down the Messages title until you will find title like this “Post hidden [by community flags or something similar]”.
Open the message, you will find a link to the hidden topic, enter that topic, click the wrench icon on the right and then click on Make Unlisted

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Thanks for your instructions @Dax

Here’s a link to one for example. HackerHalted Conference Coupon Codes - Events & meetups - SecOps Hub

When unlisted and listed, it is still in faint gray font and hidden.
I have tried both unlisted and listed and it doesn’t look unhidden.

Is it possible that you approved the flag (post) check Admin > Flags

Hi Noah,
Yes all of this user’s posts are sitting under Admin > Flag > Old flagged posts.

It also says I resolved them. But the posts are still hidden.

I think you click on the Ignore button instead of Disagree

EDIT try this: go to the hidden topic, click the wrench on every hidden post, select Unhide.
The topic “hackerhalted conference coupon codes” should be visible now

I see that topic now–thanks!

When I click the wrench, I don’t see an unhide option.

Not that wrench, but the one found on posts:



ah, it was hidden behind … I never would have seen it. Thank you!

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