Moderation question, How do I unhide posts?

(Emma Furtado) #1

I listed a few posts from one of my users who was posting links upon joining. They still appear hidden. Is there a way for me to make them unhidden?



Is the post deleted by the author, system, or another admin/moderator, Have you checked if those posts in the topic are on a hidden category, if they are change your category security settings.

(Emma Furtado) #3

They are in open categories and have not been deleted. All I did was list them. Is there another action to take?

(Daniela) #4

Go to your admin dashboard, take a look to the Users > Silenced tab.
If you can see the user in that tab, click on the username and then search the Unsilence button

(Emma Furtado) #5

Okay I just unsilenced him. Thanks!!

When will the posts start to appear?

(Daniela) #6

You should do it manually.
Go to the user profile, click on the tab Messages, scroll down the Messages title until you will find title like this “Post hidden [by community flags or something similar]”.
Open the message, you will find a link to the hidden topic, enter that topic, click the wrench icon on the right and then click on Make Unlisted

(Emma Furtado) #7

Thanks for your instructions @Dax

Here’s a link to one for example. HackerHalted Conference Coupon Codes - Events & meetups - SecOps Hub

When unlisted and listed, it is still in faint gray font and hidden.
I have tried both unlisted and listed and it doesn’t look unhidden.


Is it possible that you approved the flag (post) check Admin > Flags

(Emma Furtado) #9

Hi Noah,
Yes all of this user’s posts are sitting under Admin > Flag > Old flagged posts.

It also says I resolved them. But the posts are still hidden.

(Daniela) #10

I think you click on the Ignore button instead of Disagree

EDIT try this: go to the hidden topic, click the wrench on every hidden post, select Unhide.
The topic “hackerhalted conference coupon codes” should be visible now

(Emma Furtado) #11

I see that topic now–thanks!

When I click the wrench, I don’t see an unhide option.

(Daniela) #12

Not that wrench, but the one found on posts:


(Emma Furtado) #13

ah, it was hidden behind … I never would have seen it. Thank you!