Moderation queue without having to manually approve every post: is there a way?

Hi there,

Here is our situation:

We receive a lot of questions inside topics from WP-Discourse, that are somehow related to the topic, but would go better as a new topic. Then our moderators go from post to post, and decide which ones could become a separated topic, with a specific title that makes it more search friendly. It also makes it easier for users to respond to the questions, as they appear in the front page.

What we need:

A way to make this process of reading each post more collaborative. If a moderator has already read a topic, there’s no need for another to read it again.

So we need a way to make a list of unread posts, that is shared between a group of moderators. I mean, if one moderator reads a post, it is removed from the list.

I know that there’s other way of doing something similar, that is holding all the posts in a moderation queue. But then i would need to approve each comment individually. That would be hell… haha

Is there a way to achieve this with a group/list, or something similar?