Moderator notification if someone used censored words


At the moment, censored words will be replaced by stars or dots automatically. Is there a way to hold these post for moderator approval even for the customers who have trsut-level 1 or 2? And also if they are approved in any ways, send a notification to moderators? I guess this will be some sort of auto flagging done by discourse. Generally we don’t expect to see any censored words from clients in our technical forum unless they are somehow gone crazy, something that we can avoid happening.



One of the requests we have is for words matching the list to have three different action states:

  1. disallow completely (block post)
  2. hold post for moderation
  3. notify moderators

This is on our radar I have discussed it with @neil, not sure exactly when we will get to it though.


@Bkhanaliloo Here’s a topic about this new feature. Give it a try!