Moderator - post admin actions

I’m a Mod (no backend Admin rights).

Inside anyone’s post (that I see) is a small wrench at the bottom. It shows Rebuild HTML and Make Wiki.

Could you explain what each of those actions do? Why might I use those?

Can all Level 3 users see and use those actions?

Thank you.

I think all staff and TL4 users can rebuild HTML, which is used to fix broken images. Make wiki is granted for staff and TL3+, and used to create wikis which are editable by all users TL1+ by default.

Side note: This topic should be moved to #support category, not #meta.

Not quite, rebuild html rebakes the post. This means it passes through the current code path for baking posts. A 3 year old post will have passed through the 3 year old code path, at the time it was posted. There could be significant differences in rendering based on the old vs new codepath.


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