Moderator question

Is there a simple way, via the GUI interface, to search for all users who are using digest mode?

As a mod, it would be nice to be able to search for users who are using digest mode, narrow that down to a category, then sort the resulting list based on most active account?

To be concrete, I am a mod on a large forum which very recently migrated to Discourse. The users are getting used to it, but some are taking a while to find their feet.

One of the users asked for instructions on how to set up digest mode. What I would like to do is find users who are already using digest, with that category enabled (the way our forum has always been the chances are the users will already be familiar with each other if they hang around the same category), Once I can find a list of such users I can (gently) suggest that they help the person in question, preferably by public discussion.

There’s no way to perform that search from the admin UI, however, you can install the Data Explorer plugin and query it from the database that way.


@JagWaugh did you figure something out?

I did not. I suspect it would be easy with data explorer, but in the meantime most of our users have settled down.

I get very few questions about how to use the platform nowadays, and they’ve (almost) stopped complaining that it’s different from the old web interface.