How to filter users by customized user field entries?

We’ve added three additional (important) user fields to our registration form. One of them is e.g. the real name. This field is not public and therefore not searchable. Even on our admin panel.

But we’ve to deal regularly with quick lookups to add/verify/remove badges.

In addition to that we’ve added a drop-down menu. Our new users could decide which status they have (student, teacher, hospital staff, sponsor …). To filter this information would also be pretty nice.

I don’t like to export and maintain all that data for this purpose.

Which ways exist? Will Discourse get extra search features on admin panel?

Thanks :heart:

Did you ever have luck figuring this out. I’m looking for a similar solution

unfortunately… nope :-1:

Ugh. Thanks for letting me know!

The only answer I can come up with is to use the Data Explorer Plugin and write a query to build a report of the data you are looking for.