Moderators cannot view bookmarks on other user's activity pages

Continuing the discussion from Responses, Likes Received, Mentions, and Edits have gone missing from other users Activity pages (viewing as moderator):

Didn’t mention it in the last post (sorry), but as a moderator I am also unable to see bookmarks on another user’s profile.

That’s correct, I don’t think moderators are supposed to see bookmarks. It says “self or admin” in the checkin, as well.

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OK. That would be a change then, I was able to see bookmarks with the previous user profile page.

Yeah I think it is a correct change, no reason to allow mods to snoop around bookmarks.

OK. No issue with that. I am curious though for the rational behind hiding bookmarks from mods? To me, there is nothing particularly private or personal about my bookmarks, certainly much less private/personal than an email (which mods can get (although that is logged…).

Users get very touchy about this stuff, I agree that I don’t particularly care if people see my bookmarks, but I have seen pretty loud complaints from the imgur community about this.

At the end of the day I see very little gain in allowing moderators to see everyone’s bookmarks.

I don’t think I ever looked at another user’s bookmarks, nor can I think of an important use case, so no argument there.

However, I think this type of thought goes back to this discussion:

I think there needs to be a role in-between Admin and Moderator, but exactly what (current) admin powers should be given is something that needs a lot more discussion…