Modify Location plugin

Hello, you need to redesign the Location plugin to work via gps, I did it myself, just put javascript in the template and send Put request, it works, but I think you can do it more professionally.

Then I need to assign geo position to each new topic automatically, so that the data from the profile is taken from it.

make a separate search for users and topics in the radius, show users and topics around me, show on the main page

to make the messages in the chat also assigned geo-label (lat\lon) and make a special chat thread where will be shown messages from people who are nearby

assign geo-tags to groups or categories (I don’t know how best, there will be several thousand groups) so that I can find groups near me.


Hi @Aleksandr_Slozh :slight_smile:

This doesn’t seem like a marketplace topic? Are you looking to pay someone to fork the plugin and make the changes?

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Yes, I can pay

But I don’t realize how much it could cost me.
I was offered to pay 3k for user detection via gps, I did it in 2 hours without knowing any language.

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That’s not quite fair? I offered the server-side IP look-up solution (pretty standard) for a significantly lower estimate.

So why are you posting in marketplace, just PR? I will be delighted to review


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