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hello very soon i will be installing discourse via the $99 method and i plan on creating a community were people with divers occupation meet to discuss about their proffession and improvements but i like to monetize it partly so how can i archieve this? is their a plugin to make it happen? how can i monetize such community?


What kind of monetization are you looking for subscription or advertising or something else?

All of them are achievable through the means of plugins.

thanks fr the reply.

1 through adverts
2 receiving a kind of commission when items or services are sold / purcased

is there a way for this?

You can search this forum, there is an official ad plugin to display advertising.

One plugin that I’ve used is:

For the commission, You need your affiliate links first.


thanks again for the help

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My Discourse Standard Install – Literate Computing, LLC includes the ad plugin. I am not aware of any support for taking commission on sales.


There is also the affiliate plugin:

It won’t give you commission if people trade on your forum but if they link to an amazon article and someone buys it.

For this, you could restrict write access to the buy/sell category to those people who either pay you upfront or who promise to pay you once they sold their stuff.

But I wouldn’t worry about this for the time being. Just getting your forum going is enough work and starting off with (too much) monetarization is not going to help make the forum attractive.