How to monetize a Discourse?

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Hi buddies,

I am going to launch a community thanks to Discourse. But I can really paid hosting.
So I am seeking a way to monetize my new Discourse installation to loose less money.

I don’t request to earn money just do loose less as possible.

I read about Adsens plugins but today, all people use AdBlock.

All your ideas are welcome.

Kind regard,

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If you’re not too worried about your own time (the most expensive ingredient…) you could follow my example. Set up a discourse instance on digital ocean and learn how to follow simple instructions to maintain it and make minor customizations. I also use to provide HTTPS at no cost. The fixed costs then are domain name registration and hosting, which are really rather minimal.


You can make your Discourse closed for sign ups and ask people to become a paid member instead. That’s kinda what I do on Although it’s part of something bigger where you get a lot more for being a member than just that.

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I have developed some monetization plugins for Discourse:

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Looks great, btw I see a weird CSS issue here, see attachment

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Honestly, starting a vibrant, active, and engaged community is hard enough without monetizing it from the beginning. My recommendation is to worry about monetization when you have something to monetize.

Your members will dictate when and how you should monetize.


Thanks! I’ll fix that now :slight_smile:

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