Monthly instead of yearly reviews

How do I get this to be shown every month on my forum?


Upon reading the plugin topic

it looks like if you run this each month you will get the desired result. I am not sure if this can be automated though true)


Currently, the plugin will only publish topics for a year, not for a given month. It would be technically possible to publish the topic on a monthly basis using the command that @ondrej provided, but that would be giving you data for the previous year. To get data for the current year, you’ll need to set the review_year parameter when you run the job: true, review_year: '2023')

That won’t give you monthly data, but will give data that’s been collected for 2023. So if you ran it on Feb 1, it would give you data for January. If you ran it on March 1, it would give you data for January and February.

Maybe the Discourse team would be open to a PR that allowed review topics to be generated on a monthly basis.


excuse my lack of knowledge, but where do I put this command? So if I put the command, will the review appear for me monthly?

It’s not possible to have this produce monthly reviews instead of yearly reviews at the moment.

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What about weekly? More importantly a customizable period of time . Please

Could there be any time customization in the future? I think this plugin is great just for annual