More advance editor should be here?

I tried to look around but I don’t seem to find a conclusion on this topic about a rich editor.

I’m new to Discourse. It is almost perfect except I want an editor that’s as good as the Gmail composer. Any kind pointer is much appreciated.

Search for things like “rich editor” and “wysiwyg” and you’ll find a lot of the old discussions covering this subject. In short, it is a seemingly simple problem that is incredibly difficult to execute in practice. It is for good reason that most popular social networks pretty much stick to plain text.

That said, “enhanced plain text” is something I’d love to experiment with, pretty much on the same level of Facebook, i.e. rendering oneboxes and images in-editor.


Hi, +1 for any simple WYSIWYG editor (!) see “the need!”, justifications for the project at similar cases as Wikipedia/VisualEditor.

Suggestion to use good and modular one…

I’m thinking this link needs to be more widely publicized.

Maybe try this plugin by @Steven ?