More customization options

Hi, can you please make Discourse’s appearance easier to customize? Sure, I can learn CSS, but I think it’s just better practice to have all of this stuff accessible as a setting somewhere. Like, I’d like to be able to just move a slider and adjust, for example, the spacing between links, or the size of the header, or the borders surrounding elements, or make a tiled background – that way I wouldn’t need to code or make a custom theme.

I’d like to be able to make different colored themes, but it’s a bit difficult to do because I can’t have a different logo for each one, and I have to go in and manually code in all of the different elements which is kind of confusing and makes me afraid that I’ll break something. Plus, using other people’s themes makes me a bit worried that they’ll stop updating them and I’ll have to choose between the theme and upgrading

Thank you