[HIRING] Custom Discourse Theme

Hi. I am looking to hire someone who can help with theme customization for my Discourse Community. Here is what I would need done:

  1. I would like to change font to a font I can provide. Also, I would like to change some of the headings to all caps.

  2. I would like to customize the top menu links: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.30.48 PM.png to look similar to my website (so it doesn’t seem like it is separate) and that will redirect the user to my site pages. This is an example of what my site looks like: Image 2019-01-16 at 6.20.55 PM.png But in Discourse I would only want to have maybe 3 links at most. Also, would like this menu to be responsive on mobile (so hamburger style menu)

  3. I would like to change the design of the topic bar from this: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.34.24 PM.png
    to something like this with the uniform grey background: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.36.28 PM.png

  4. I would like to add a header + text similar to this: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.38.33 PM.png

  5. Have Conversation, Topic, Users, Replies, Views, Activity such as here: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.40.36 PM.png This is what I currently have going on: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.41.50 PM.png

  6. Rename some things, such as Categories (currently Image 2019-01-21 at 4.44.00 PM.png) to something else, as in this example: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.44.31 PM.png

  7. I would like to make the “New Topic” link look more like a button and rename it. Currently: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.47.18 PM.png Example: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.47.57 PM.png

  8. Change the design of buttons at the bottom of posts to look more like buttons. Currently: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.48.46 PM.png Example: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.49.39 PM.png

  9. Change user profile section to match the rest of the theme and also to display all option on one page instead of clicking on different subcategories, if possible. Currently: Image 2019-01-21 at 4.50.46 PM.png Example: Image 2019-01-12 at 12.34.39 PM.png

When do I need it done: Soonish. If possible, maximum 3-4 weeks.

Budget: I am not sure, I am looking to get estimates for this job as I am not sure of how much this can cost.
I am happy to discuss via private message and also happy to set up a call to further clarify any details.

Thank you in advance!

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This looks like it’s right up the ProCourse alley. :wink:

Care to send us an email at hello@procourse.co? I can follow-up with a quote for you.


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