More granular Discourse metrics?

Hi all, just wondering, we’ve got a few moderators working on different parts of our community - divided by group. Is it possible to isolate the Discourse dashboard metrics by group? Anyone seen anything like that at all or could recommend maybe how we might be able to do this?

I’d like to esp be able to identify which group is more active with posts and which group is seeing higher/lower response to first post. Amongst other metrics like DEU etc. But I think you get what I’m saying now.


Welcome, @LKinora!

I don’t have any say in the matter, but I doubt that changes like that will be coming to the dashboard any time soon, but the Data Explorer Plugin will let you query the database to your heart’s content! You can even download the data for further analysis, pull it down via the API, and let regular users (in a group for the purpose) access queries you set up.


Thanks @pfaffman really helpful.
I shall do this. Thanks!