More specific Webhook events?

Loving the webhooks available in Discourse, but is there a way to be more specific with the webhooks sent than what’s currently in Discourse?

The reason I ask is that I use Discourse webhooks with Integromat/Zapier and they have a limit per month on how many requests they process (e.g: 100, 1000, 10000 depending on how much you pay).

Right now every time someone logs in, logs out, etc, that’s one “request”, when all I want is are the webhooks with “user_confirmed_email” in the x-discourse-event header.

I would be able to use a cheaper (or even free) plan with Integromat/Zapier if the I didn’t have to process all the other events sent in the webhook that are unnecessary to me (e.g: I don’t care to be notified when someone logs in or logs out).


Treating this as #support rather than #feature , you can create a plugin that does this.

is an example of doing-something when something happens. You’d want to do it for user or logins or something, but this might get you started.