More than 48 anniversaries?

I cannot see more than 48 anniversaries when looking at /cakeday/anniversaries/today. It is the same with other timespans and birthdays.

I expected more to be loaded when I scrolled down, but that did not happen. Is that how it is supposed to work? Especially the view of all anniversaries or birthdays of a month seems useless like this.

FWIW it’s working for me? I can scroll down and see the whole month’s worth.

(Windows/Firefox and Windows/Chrome. Both staff and non-staff)

That’s how it looks like at my tablet

It works using firefox and edge app. But not with chrome

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I don’t have a tablet to test, but hopefully someone with one can repro. :crossed_fingers: I’ll pop it in bug to catch someone’s eye.


I can also reproduce on a tablet (not mobile or desktop). I will see if I can figure out something.

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I just compared mobile and desktop view on the tablet. Both don’t work.

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I’m unable to debug this in a dev environment.
I don’t see anything wrong with showing in the console.

I noticed that if you lose focus and return to the Chrome windows, then scroll down immediately (essential), the loading works (you have to do that every time you want to load a new page, though).

As you say, it’s still the same even with the mobile view enabled.

LoadMore is used elsewhere, and I see no issue with the loading so far. Odd issue. :sweat_smile:


I can no longer reproduce this