More user friendly 'Doodle' polls

As @nathankershaw has neatly described in Feature request: Poll with ability for user to add their own options - #8 by nathankershaw it is possible to create quite complex polls in standard Discourse - including ‘Doodle’ functionality. Unfortunately, we still find this to be too complicated for regular users to do.
One solution would be to change the ‘one poll option per line’ box from a single box where all options are added, into a list where the user adds the options one at a time AND can specify if they would like to add a) a text option, b) a date, c) an emoji, and possibly others (feel free to suggest).
I’d be willing to throw some developer hours at this unless there are other plans to address it?


We’re currently working on simplifying the poll UI and putting the more advanced options behind a toggle… this doesn’t address what you’re talking about, but I’d wait until we complete that work before starting anything else.


That sounds good. Do you have an idea of the timeline for this?
Any chance I can convince you to add a date-picker option when adding poll options?