Most efficient way to use Discourse for comments on Shopify blog posts?

Hey everyone!

I’ve done some searching around here for this specific application, but it seems that most questions are related to using Discourse for comments on Wordpress posts.

Aside from this how-to (Embed Discourse comments on another website via Javascript), is there any guidance anyone can share for implementing Discourse comments particularly for Shopify blog posts?

An example of what I’m picturing can be seen in how handles comments (i.e., when viewing an article, the top comments are displayed underneath the article, and the user is giving the option to view all comments. After clicking through that link, the forum topic that’s created as a result of the article is loaded).

Thank you in advance!


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What is the problem with the javascript embed?


Thanks for the response!

I’m implementing this today and will touch base back here with any issues that come up - I guess I didn’t realize that the javascript embed option functioned in the same way that I described above. My apologies! :slight_smile: