To use Discourse completely on shopify

We are using Discourse entirely with the admin panel on our Wordpress site, and now we want to use this entirely on a specific shopify page. I’ve tried that - Embed Discourse comments on another website via Javascript, but it only displays the discussion. Can you please tell me how i can do this - use the entire Discourse with the admin panel, or display the entire forum in shopfy.
Thank you!

There is a hidden site setting allow_embedding_site_in_an_iframe, which will do what the name implies. I don’t know the degree to which it’s supported, but I know of at least one person who’s used it.

I probabaly wouldn’t recommend it, butit might work for you.

thanks for the answer, but we have no problem with inserting the iframe on the shopify site, and we have no problem inserting individual discussions, but I want to figure out how I can display the entire Discourse on the site, along with the admin panel and forum in shopify. I want to figure out how I can set this up for shopify (sorry for my bad English)

Are you trying to combine the interfaces, or also link Shopify accounts to Discourse?

I need to combine only the interface

We don’t actually recommend or support this – to provide a little more context: Using an <iframe> is very error-prone and would make Discourse very hard to use and full of bugs that would be difficult to track down. Iframes can break many things including scrolling through large topics.


I probably didn’t explain it well. sorry. here’s a link to the wordpress site with a full forum - Window Cleaning Resource | Community. i want the same thing, but in shopify

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Ah, yes. They just recreated the header from their website into their Discourse theme (it’s not 100% identical, but close to it).

I did a similar job 2 years ago for a client.

I’ve also done the same on my forum:

WordPress: (I notice some differences that I need to fix, but they were identical before a recent update of my WordPress theme :upside_down_face:)

It can be easy or not, depending on the features you need in your header.

In my case, everything is in the admin panel → Customize → Theme → Edit CSS/HTML → Header:


No no, I’ll try to explain it again… For example, I have a page in shopify -, and I want to display forum Discourse with the admin panel on this page. Where should I configure to display the forum on that page?

Your previous message was misleading because is made exactly the same way as your Window Cleaning Resource | Community example :slight_smile:

I don’t know if what you’re asking is easily possible AND reliable (I’d listen to pfaffman and HAWK’s messages…), but unless you need very specific features (that you should describe to us), customizing Discourse’s theme to make it as it looks part of the main website seems the way to go.

I think the usual advice is:

  • to have Discourse in a completely separate page (it’s a Single Page Application).
  • you can place the community on a subfolder URL.
  • to “fake” a menu bar/navigation to look the same with a Theme Component

hello Robert, thanks for the tip, you mean with the domain of the site shopify so? -

No, subfolder, so the domain and subdomain would be shared (if you so wish). There’s a configuration to set the subfolder location:


Sorry, this is my first time working with Discourse, and I’ve never done this. Do you have instructions for this?

That is linked above.

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They are rather complicated, and more difficult if you’re not using Discourse and the other site on the same computer, as you’ll need some THIRD computer/CDN to redirect both shopify and Discourse. If you were to offer me $500, I’d probably try to talk you out of it.

People don’t notice URLs. (Someone told me his site was broken “just one chrome” earlier today because he didn’t notice that it had ?preview_theme_id=88 at the end of the URL.)

Just use a subdomain.


Actually browsers try to hide url, except the domain part, nowadays. And I understand that totally, because urls are so god damn long and cryptic nowadays.

So, I agree you — people don’t see or even look urls anymore (that’s why banking frauds are so easy… :wink: )

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