Mounting a new disk on the Discourse Docker image

I’m running out of image space on my Discourse instance and want to fix it by adding an extra (cheaper) drive with a lot more capacity.

It’s running it on a docker image on an Azure Ubuntu VM. I have sufficient knowledge to mount the new drive on the Ubuntu VM but know very little about Docker. I could probably log in to the Docker instance and hack the connection together but am worried I’d break it.

I have no idea how to make the mounting of a Host location to a Docker instance location in a way that is both safe and automated (i.e. not broken on a reboot or upgrade to Discourse).

Would really appreciate some guidance on how to do this safely/properly.

I’ve searched but can’t find exactly (possibly because I’m not asking the right question)

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I think this should help. How to move Discourse to a different server when using Digital Ocean's Volumes (Block Storage)


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