Mouse-over date displays lack timezone information

I guess that the timestamp displayed when a user mouses over a date or event is compliant with this particular user setting:

  • Preferences → Profile → Timezone

But it would be really nice to have:

  • the timezone displayed
  • the choice of 12 or 24 hour representations

Probably allowing users to optionally enter their preferred date utility format string would be too much though?

Here is an example:

And what I myself would prefer to see instead:

Relying on the user to remember that they have correctly set their preferred timezone and to know that that information is carried through to the web interface is poor practice in my view. Especially when a fix is doubtless entirely straightforward. Indeed this could be regarded as an accessibility issue.

I note the following traffic regarding site configuration (here I am arguing for user options).

Thanks in advance, R.

The user certainly knows what time zone they are in. If you want this, write a plugin or theme component.