Move a Discourse site to another VPS with rsync

I’m planning to migrate to a new VPS in January after some recent problems upgrading Discourse on my old Ubuntu.

My questions on migrating from an old Digital Ocean droplet to a new Digital Ocean droplet are:

  • I plan to lower the TTL on the DNS A record the day before my migration to something small, like 5 minutes. Does this sound reasonable?

  • The first post in this thread was last edited in June 2016. Is it still valid and correct?

  • Will this rsync method also copy the entire database from the old VPS to the new VPS?
    – We’re on a standard install

  • Will the existing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate also be copied across? Is the SSL cert tied or linked to an IP address at all? Will it continue to automatically renew itself? Any gotchas here?

  • At what point should I change the public DNS A record to point to the new VPS?
    – And also change the TTL back to something higher again