Move Digital Ocean 1-Click install to Standard supported install


We have an older Discourse site which was installed with Digital Ocean 1-Click. Now we want to move it to the Standard installed way.

Is that enough to create a new droplet, change domain dns and install Discourse on it with standard way and copy the previous app.yml content and paste in the new one? After that restore a backup from the previous site.

Only the IP address will change which only use the domain dns, the other 3rd party not using it (mail,cdn,s3), right?

Is there any better practice to do it?

Thank you for the helpful answers! :slight_smile:

Follow Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server


Right. You can also create a floating IP (under networking) that initially points to the old server, switch the DNS, and when the new server is ready, just change the floating IP destination, so you’re not waiting for DNS to propagate when you switch to the new server.

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