How to migrate from one Digitalocean Droplet to a another Droplet in a different Digitalocean account

Following Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server I made a backup within Discourse and restored it on the new discourse instance. But it didn’t affect the content or anything on the new instance. Do I have to configure the database on the new one according to the old one or is there more to do?
The new instance is based on a installation within a digitalocean droplet.

Edit: Just found this hint: Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server
So I activated this, but restoring failed, heres the log: [2020-05-23 22:04:50] [STARTED] [2020-05-23 22:04:50] 'okr' has started the res -

Anyone an idea about it?

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This error is pretty clear

[2020-05-23 22:04:50] EXCEPTION: You're trying to restore a more recent version of the schema. You should migrate first!

The Discourse installed via YunoHost is not the last version of Discourse, this type of installations is not supported here, so, you’ll receive really limited help.


Ah, thanks a lot for your assistance!