Move from standalone container to separate web and data containers

@Stephen There’s a flaw in your argument: The multi-container description is full of warnings that you have to take responsibility for updates and understand how it works, and the long description above is so obfuscated that probably anyone who looked at it would give up anyway. Go read my How to migrate quickly to separate web and data containers and tell me that it won’t scare away the people who will have trouble following it, or that it fails to emphasize the necessity of backup and ability to fall back to a backup if anything goes wrong!

I was deeply unhappy when I hit ./launcher rebuild app shortly after migrating to a more capable server (for a security fix) and having my site down for an egregiously long time, much of which was in rebuilding the postgres parts of the container. That was when I found the 2container documentation and this documentation and really didn’t want to take another 4 hour downtime to migrate, so I kept taking long downtimes for ./launcher rebuild app to avoid the 4 hours of downtime a restore would take. As a vaguely competent person, I was very annoyed for a long time that this configuration was effectively hidden.

The postgres 12 topic is a great reference, because people end up with more downtime because they have to rebuild the entire app multiple times, when they could be rebuilding only the postgres container twice. I can’t say I’ve read the entire thread due to the 6-day auto-delete thing but it’s not at all obvious to me that incompetent multi-container deploys are the, or even a, big problem there.

(Sorry, sometimes I get a little tired of the “all users are incompetent” around here.)