Move post to existing topic - how to hide closed topics from search?

Hi, I am using Discourse as a tracking system. Incoming emails are converted into topics. For some reason the emails always have similar subjects. So they produce a new topic every time, which is fine, but…

I love the feature of moving topics to make the forum pretty. …But the described behavior puts me in a situation where it’s easy to make a mistake. Seems, sometimes all topics in the results are closed :slight_smile: (can’t reproduce now).

Is there any setting to not show closed topics in search results when I move a topic? I’d like to be able to hide topics underlined in red from search (or exclude closed topics from search).

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Perhaps unlist the topic?


Thanks for the fast answer and help! In my case the most of closed topics in popup window are topics that just have been moved. I would like they’ve deleted at once, but there is some minimal delay - same day, perhaps, or a couple of minutes… don’t know. Anyway, I will try to unlist them first.

UPD: Yep, unlisting topic is a solution :slight_smile: , you saved my day.


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