Move posts to a new or existing topic

Discourse allows staff members to move posts from a topic to a new or existing topic, or from a topic to a new personal message. This can be a useful tool to keep discussions “on topic”, or for moving discussions from your public forum to a private support system. Here is how to do it.

Select the posts you want to move

Click the topic’s admin wrench. Then click the “Select Posts” button:

Select the posts you would like to move:

Choose the new destination for the posts

Click the “move to” button. The modal window that opens will allow you to move the posts to a new topic, to an existing topic, or to a new message.

To move posts to a new topic, give the topic a title, and an optional category and tags:

To move posts to an existing topic, search for the topic by its title or id. You can also copy and paste the topic’s URL into the search box:

To move posts to a new message, enter a message title and optional tags:

When the posts have been moved, a small action post will be added to the original topic that lets users know about the move:

Note When moving posts you can not move posts around in the same topic, if you must a workaround is to first move posts to an intermediate topic and then back to the same topic.