Move staff post to the top of the thread or show staff color in 'Solution' excerpt

As a support community, we occasionally get new threads from users like this one:

This was answered definitively in post 16, with staff color & everything:

And yet, we still get people tacking on to the thread saying

  • hey, is this fixed yet?
  • when will this be fixed?
  • is SonarQube vX.Y vulnerable?
  • when will you release a patch for this?
  • you can’t just say it’s not vulnerable; you have to do something
  • &etc

As a site admin (and herder of cats) I would love the ability to “promote” the official answer in post 17 to the top of the thread display so that everyone who came to the page would see it first.

I’ve just marked the official answer as the Solution, so that will get it a little more visibility. Unfortunately, the staff color doesn’t carry through to the Solution excerpt that’s shown on the OP.

Maybe marking the official answer as the solution will be enough, but my gut tells me it’s still not visible enough…

So, can we either have

  • staff color carry through to the solution excerpt shown in the OP
  • some ability to ‘promote’ a post to the top of a thread

This is going to be by far easier. I certainly support making a change like this (at a minimum giving it a special CSS class)

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