Moving "off-topic" flagged posts should automatically clear the flags

(Lee Griffin) #1

Hi, hopefully this is the right category to post in, please feel free to move it.

We had a thread/topic on a forum that was going wildly off topic, and so a tranche of posts got flagged by the users with the “off-topic” flag.

Rather than have them sit there as off-topic, hidden, we thought we’d move them to their own thread since the discussion was valid just not relevant to the thread they were in.

This was the new thread created:

It’d be great if posts that are flagged off-topic that get moved to a new or existing thread have any off-topic flag status removed from them, since the act of moving the post (rather than deleting or ignoring) feels like it should signal that the post is being put in to an area where it is no longer off-topic.

As it happens it seems that we’re then having issues unflagging these posts after the move, just as an extra bit of information.

(Ken Snider) #2

Agreed, or at the very least, a way for us to remove the flags manually.

(Wolftune) #3

I guess nothing came of this yet? Seems a pretty significant feature to want in order for off-topic flags to be used well.