Multiple CloseTopic jobs per topic in Sidekiq

As seen here:

I have one topic which is set to close 7 days after the last post, which is generating a new job for each new post. I’m not sure how much of a problem this is (maybe the duplicate jobs just painlessly clear on schedule?) but it seemed a bit odd.

Currently on v1.5.0beta8+13, upgraded earlier this morning.

And because I just thought to check it, I tried using autoclose on another thread and the same issue popped up. Additionally, removing autoclose from that thread didn’t clear the CloseTopic jobs in Sidekiq.

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Can you have a peek @zogstrip to make sure there isn’t a deeper bug here?


Yup, there was indeed a bug. I believe it’s due to our recent migration to the newest version of Sidekiq which changed its API a little bit. This should fix it :strawberry: