Multiple discourse instances in a single server

I believe this question was never been asked before. My apologies if I’m wrong.

I’m planning to combine 3 discourse instances into a single server. 2 of them get decent amount of traffic (2500 views a day each). The other one only gets low to moderate traffic. I’m currently using DigitalOcean to host these instances. As tasks are getting more and more day by day I feel it’s cumbersome to log in back and fourth into each server.

According to your core expertise what would be the ideal configuration for hosting these 3 instances in a single server? Do you think DigitalOcean will still do the job or should I consider moving to AWS?



As in this kind of multisite setup, or something different?


Thank you for pointing that out. I’m thinking about having the same multisite setup.

What kind of server setup do you think would suffice? If we talk about numbers?

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To determine that would depend on various factors. Have you considered profiling your current sites to determine potential bottlenecks? If downtime is your concern perhaps you could get a VPS with more than you need then scale back once everything is running smoothly.

In my experience EC2 containers can get pricy rather quickly.


I have opened a new topic as I have come to a decision to use my existing server. What are your opinions about that?

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Sounds like you’re on your way. Glad you were able to come to a decision.