Multiple images in profile

Hello All,

  1. We want to allow users to upload multiple pics of their pets in the profile. We are tying to build a pet community. What is the best way to achieve this?

  2. I am using a wizard to collect additional info about pets. If we achieve point 1, then I would like the user to put the pics in the wizard and then map it to profile. I am able to do the normal attributes, but cannot map the image.

  3. Also since its a user driven community, what is the best way to provide a dropdown which has values and if there is something which is not there, user can add to it. And it auto commits to the database.
    Ex: What is ur fav language. Dropdown has Java, Ruby. User can type c# and press a button. It will then show up for the next user. Some thing like this.


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There is a way that they can add a featured topic (I think that’s what it’s called) to their profile. They can then put everything they want in that topic.

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Thanks. Wished that there could have been another option.