User to select profile image from admin-defined list

It would be great to have an option to:

  • Restrict a users’ ability upload their own image and instead to select their profile image from a list.
  • Allow admins to create/edit a list of links to images in the admin, or upload the image choices themselves for the users.

Is a feature like this more suited to a plugin than core functionality?

Feature partially exists, see default_avatars site setting. That lets you set an array of default avatars that will be chosen at random for new users.

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The functionality is almost there, but it is a bit too restrictive. If the user were able to hit a button and have it cycle through the defaults, that’d be a good compromise. I’d like to create a cohesive brand image, but not a ‘sterile’, uniform look.

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This is the kind of thing we can schedule and build, if someone sponsors it with a business or enterprise hosting subscription.