Multiple notifications of same actions are sent to users

Hello to the gret team discourse,

First of all thank you for creating such an amazing system.

We have an odd issue where users are receiving multiple notifications of the same action. Sometimes they are getting notification from posts or topics that they are not even subscribed to or ever made any response there. These notifications are not sent to email or browser alarm as they appear in notification center. Only the notification center receives all these duplicate notifications. Other issue is that when user clicks on “I have read these notifications” nothing happens.

We are unsure how to address this issue. I have check this topic but our discorse is always up-to-date.

I’d appreciate your insight on this.

What plugins do you use? Are any of them #plugin:broken-plugin ?

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Good question. Let me check and report back.

I disbaled all the plugins however did not change anything.
Most of my plugins are native so I doubt if there are issues with that.

Current plugins are:
retort - Currently disabled

The babble plugin is known to cause problems with notifications. Even if it is disabled.

Search results for 'Babble notification order:latest' - Discourse Meta


This has resolved the issue. Thank you for taking your valuable time and addressing this issue.

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