My "about me" information not showing on meta

It was there previously. Yesterday I’ve edited it and saved, since then it disappeared from my user card.

It is still there in my profile settings, but not on my card. I’ve tried to remove the whole about me text, save, then put them back in and save again, not luck. There is always nothing on my card… Any idea?

Can we repro this @techapj?

I recalled that during one of the edit yesterday I’ve inserted <br/>. It seems the text disappeared then never come back since that edit, even after I removed <br/>.


This issue seems to be in the jquery.autoellipsis plugin that we are using for applying ellipsis on user card bio excerpt.

Removing the link from last sentence of your bio seems to fix this issue. :thinking:

I’ll look more into it.


Yes, removed the link and my bio displayed. But it’s still a bit strange as it was there since beginning, the bio showed with the link before…