My broken Discourse install prevents theme import

what does this mean

Did you add the deploy key to the repository?



Great, thanks for confirming.

What version of Discourse are you on?
Can you confirm that the about.json file in the theme doesn’t have any syntax errors?

Newer versions of Discourse give you much clearer messages in the case of incorrect json syntax, but I have to ask since I don’t know what version you’re on.

Are you behind Cloudflare?
Do you see any errors in the browser console?


this is the version

and here is the about.json

I am running dicourse in my local lab (on a vm ).

I need the color scheme to be imported along with theme, I tried with local theme export and then import but no luck with the color scheme.

Can you upload the about.json file here, so we can test it?

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about.json (590 Bytes)

here the about.json

Importing that works for me. Here’s it wrapped up in a .tar.gz file for import:

test-theme.tar.gz (785 Bytes)

Can you describe the exact steps you are taking which cause the error?

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Thank you David, I tried the file uploaded and it worked with me.

Regarding the steps of importing my remote theme as follow and I still face issue.

I used discourse theme CLI and then put in github as private, I then import from the web as bellow

After I click import it take a while then it give me bellow error

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Can you try using to import the private git theme, and see if you get the same error?

502 is not an error that should be thrown by import issues… it suggests there could be something wrong with your local discourse setup.

successfully imported in

So it is about my discourse setup :confounded:

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Yes, I think so. How have you configured the development environment? Did you use one of our setup guides?


I actually trying to automate the installation of discourse using Ansible, I followed the official guide to install discourse docker. I Successfully did all things remaining theme importing, I just want to run my ansible role on plan VM and then have docker/discourse installed, configured, admin activated, notification email sitted, and also theme imported.

Thank you for your support, the wrapped up theme in a .tar.gz file works with me and it will be good enough for me to continue.


one thing remaining ,
is there any way to install theme.tar.gz from CLI (through rails or …).
I used discourse theme cli to create may themes. and now I import theme.tar.gz through GUI.

You could do it on the rails console. Take a look at the code for the theme importer to see how:

To import a new theme, I think it would be as simple as

RemoteTheme.update_tgz_theme("/path/to/theme.tar.gz", user: Discourse.system_user)
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@david Thanks a million

to whom looking to the same thing, to set the theme as default theme we can use set_default!

s = RemoteTheme.update_tgz_theme( "/path/to/theme.tar.gz", user: Discourse.system_user)

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