My Discourse site is not loading due to misconfigured CSP

Hi there, I just upgraded my Safari browser to 14 and found that our forum doesn’t load fully on Safari 14 (Invisible Mode).

Here is how the forum renders on the normal version of Safari 14:

And here is how it looks on Safari 14 in Invisible Mode:

The forum doesn’t work well ounder either the normal mode or the Invisible mode on Safari 14 according to one of my coworkers.

Can someone explain why this happens?

Here is the link to our forum in case you need it for debugging:

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried in Discourse Safe Mode? Have you tried in a different web browser?`


Just tried Discourse Safe Mode. Didn’t work, either, See the screenshot below:

It is now totally blank because all plugins and customization have been disabled.

Other browsers work fine. Only Sarafi 14 has this issue.

Check the browser error console, and paste the error message here.


Opened it now and have the same issue
Looks like Safari 14 updated smth and broke everything…

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Your site loads fine for me on Safari 14, tested it both on macOS and iOS.


Did you try the invisible mode?

Yes, works fine in a private iOS Safari window.

@Jamie_Liu1 indeed, there is a problem, but not only with Safari 14, but Brave also.
Zrzut ekranu 2020-11-12 o 16.03.21

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You have a misconfigured CSP.

Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at (“script-src”).