UI not rendering in Chrome/Firefox due to CloudFlare rocket loader


I installed Discourse (Plesk, Cloudflare), installed come plugins, and suddenly it is not working on Chrome or Firefox (not rendering the UI), but it’s still working on Edge/Explorer.

Edit: in Chrome/Firefox all of the UI is wrapped in a html tag, while it is not in Egde.

Is there a way to properly debug this behaviour?


Begin troubleshooting with safe mode:

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Are you referring to the legacy version of Edge or the Chromium version of Edge?

I’m talking of Microsoft Edge, and in safe mode (disabling everything) it works in a limited way, saying I should enable Javascript, even if it’s alrrady enabled.

I’m starting to think Chrome and Firefox are reacting to some security problem with the SSL certificate, I’ll probably start checking on that: Cloudflare and such.

Is there a good guide to follow for Cloudflare configuration?
Thank you.

Ok, I finally un-proxied Cloudflare and it started to work again, so the noscript problem came from there, something to do with strict SSL and/or origin pull.

I’ll try to debug it further, but if there is a good walkthough for Cloudflare and Discourse it would be awesome

Unless you have reason to believe that you are a likely target for ddos attacks, the advice is to disable the orange cloud. If you search there is much discussion.

It seems all of the problems where with Rocket Loader.

Thanks to having Plesk’s nginx in front of Discourse, I am able to use orange DNS, full (strict) SSL, pull origin certs on Cloudflare, and full https on Discourse.

Now everything is working, let’s see if it’s stable.

If you insist on using Cloudflare in front of discourse you need a page rule for your Discourse domain set to “disable performance”. This will shut off all the Cloudflare features known to break Discourse.


Thank you for the tip, I’ll keep it in mind if I’ll face other issues!

Good idea, without it we can’t offer you any support whatsoever.