My Forum is Lagging?

I’ve created my Discourse forum on DigitalOcean and I currently have the 3GB droplet, which I thought would be enough to run my forum well. But at the moment, it’s really lagging.

Every time there are more that 10 people actively contributing to the same post at one time, it starts to lag significantly. They aren’t all necessarily posting at the same time. They take it in turns with no more than 3-4 people typing at the same time, but it causes issues.

They have to keep refreshing the page to see new posts, like posts or see who’s liked a post. They sometimes get a message saying they were logged out. It’s really affecting my traffic!

There are only 250 people on my forums in total and we get no more than 30 people online at the same time right now. But if things are bad with this number of people, I’m worried about potential new users and the general experience of being on my forum.


Did you do a standard install? Have you run discourse-setup since you changed memory size (if applicable)?

How big is your database?


I did do a standard install. I haven’t run discourse-setup. How would I do that? Sorry, I’m new to this

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If you didn’t run discourse-setup you didn’t do discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub


I don’t know, this keeps on popping rather frequently, people assume that Digitalocean’s one click app is an ‘official’ method of installing Discourse.


Great thank you! I’ll monitor the forums for now and see if there are any other issues

I ran discourse-setup and it seems people are still having lagging issues. There are 7 people on a post and it’s causing the new posts to not update immediately

How was this instance installed?

Did you follow the guide Jay linked above, or use the one-click install?

Is there a proxy in front of your install? Are you using cloudflare?

I used this guide:

I’m not sure what you mean by the other questions? How would I check?

I’m sorry we only support the official install here which was linked above.

Maybe ask the video creator for guidance if you’ve followed his install.

Are they really different? I had no clue! I don’t have much experience with this kind of thing, so I was rather confused

It’s not for us to watch the video and tell you. We can’t support third party packages and installation methods.

If someone else is making ad revenue showing you how to install something and you’re now having problems, they should be your first port of call.


Ok so after speaking to a friend of mine who’s helping me, I used the 1-click install. I have 3GB RAM, 3TB Transfer, 50GB SSD

As far as we know, there is no proxy, I have 264 users.

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In that case you need to ask DigitalOcean - the one click install is a third-party package and is wholly unsupported here.

thank you for your reply we will try to reach out to them.

But based on the specifications of the VM should it be able to support the described number of users (usually there are 11 active users at one time but it has been seen to increase to 20-30).

Also should we delete a few old discourse backups - there is only 7.7GB storage left, (14.5GB taken by backups), perhaps this is also contributing to the performance degradation?

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With the standard install those numbers do look dubious.

The only recommendation I can make is that you back up your current install, spin up a new droplet, follow the documented supportable install and then restore your data.

Anything else is for DigitalOcean to answer.


thanks again for the swift reply

do you have any resources outlining how to restore from the backup?

I’m confident that if you attempt to use the search you can find something which will guide you in doing that.