My forum is showing Unknown popup blank box

Hey Guys,
After a while am posting here. This time am facing this issue of a small popup which i don’t know what it is. I don’t have any option to click anywhere in the page even for me to login. Just a note this popup comes in a while and not always. I can provide more details as well if there is any questions.

When I use inspect element, this is what i get for that box.

Any thoughts?

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What is inside the div? You didn’t expand the div entry there to see if there is any text or names inside.

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That is a custom plugin, the guest gate or one of the dozen clones of it.


Thanks @codinghorror Unfortunately this time when am loading this popup is not showing up, so i will send when i see after trying out.

@Falco yes i have this custom gate plugin, What i should do in that?

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Remove it from your app.yml and rebuild. It’s listed as a #plugin:broken-plugin: