My images are not working

already uploaded images on my disocurse site are not showing up but when I add a new image these are showing up .
response header for already added images are having server as s3 while the new ones have nginx what can the issue be

Welcome, @harshith_gogineni! Sorry you’re having trouble.

Did you do a standard install some other way?

Did you configure S3 following Set up file and image uploads to S3 or Configure an S3 compatible object storage provider for uploads or some other way?

I did the standard install and regarding I did not configure anything related to image storage. so by default where do they get stored
this is the present url for one of the images that I uploaded
this is not getting rendered I am receiving a response of 403

and the other thing is that for the new images that I am uploading the link is somehow changed

Then you are hosted by CDCK, and not self-hosted. You should email if you think something is broken.


so how do the new images that I am adding showing up?
why are they getting stored in a different place

Hi @harshith_gogineni :slight_smile:

Are you self-hosted now, but are using a backup from a site that was hosted by us?


yes exactly I was using your hosting but then I moved to my own hosting

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Hey @harshith_gogineni,

Do you know if the backup you imported into your self-hosted instance contained uploaded files?

Because if you were hosted by Discourse, the backup only contains the database unless you requested a full backup from the support.

so in that newly uploaded should be working fine right?

My bad. When we cancel a plan, we have the following message:

Upon cancellation, we’ll create a complete backup of your site, including all uploads and attachments, and you’ll receive a personal message when it’s ready.

So you should have a complete backup with uploads, I’ll try to get more info on this since your images still seem to link to old URLs.

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But if you make a backup before include_s3_uploads_in_backups gets set (which happens only after you cancel your plan) then the site assets are still in S3 and the database refers to them there. You’ll need to contrive to download those assets and update the database accordingly.

It’s not an easy thing to do for a novice. There are some topics about it, I believe.

I see, so there isn’t going to be such issue for the newly uploaded images right?

Newly uploaded images should work fine. If they don’t, then you need to fix that.

Eventually, the images that are on S3 will be deleted, so you need to move them to local storage or your own S3 bucket before that happens.


It seems they already are:

You can ask them to restore them, but you’ll need to act quickly to get them moved to your own server or bucket.

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