My notification panel has a scroll bar

can’t the default number of notifications be 2-3numbers less so that no scroll bar may be needed? it’d be much nicer without scrollbar.

What screen resolution are you running at? Which browser is this? Do you have any level of browser zoom set?

On my browser the height and number of visible notification adjusts based on the height of the window.

no zooming, I just pressed ctrl+0 to be sure.

does screen resolution matter? it’s the default, 1366*768.

This calculation varies, with some message sets it can overextend depending on the titles of the messages. It’s a complicated thing.


I see, but with 7 messages instead of 10, it’d be shorter. I guess shorter than height of the screen is nicer and more functional than scroll bar, isn’t it?

You’re missing the point, the number of entries isn’t fixed at 10.

On my laptop screen I see 12, on my monitor I see 13. Neither has a scroll bar.

It’s not a UX issue, and it’s hard to say why you have a scrollbar because you’ve hidden the notifications.


Yeah, some of them can have long titles and it’s not an easy thing to get perfect :frowning:


Maybe trim anything after the fourth row to reduce the chance?

Ok, I see. but as I remember I’ve always seen the scroll bar (both in our forum and here in meta). of course, I’ve always used the same laptop!

Shouldn’t the text be trimmed to ensure it doesn’t overextend? The trim would only affect the topic titles, which the user is generally familiar with.

It’s not only topic titles that will push text to the next line…


Username, notification type, topic title, and locale are all factors that make the height of each notification variable… so it’s very unpredictable.

I think we could only really avoid the scrollbar (for most screens) if we limited the number of notifications to around 10 (I can currently see 21).


I think there are three possible solutions to this:

  1. :heart: bcced5b… and 7 others Reserved usernames:…
    Take the first user and trim it if its too long

  2. :heart: Chaboi_3000 and 7 others Reserved usernames:…
    Take the next short username if the first one is too long - if all usernames are too long, trim the first one

  3. :heart: 8 people Reserved usernames:…
    Just state the number of users if 2 or more (and trim if only one which is too long)

PS: A little colour would be so nice in the notifications icons :slight_smile:

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I agree with the colors.

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All of these options are reducing information for the sake of not having a scrollbar, which feels really extreme. We don’t have immediate plans to do so, but If anything we’d probably double-down on the scrollbar and make the notification panel scroll infinitely.

Colors are off-topic and are very easy in a theme.

.user-menu .notifications {
  .d-icon-heart {
    color: salmon;

We have a lot of notification types, and we intentionally limit our color palette so it’s easier to define your own… so we’d never really do full color-coding by default.


I just made an update that eliminates scrollbars from the notification dropdown. The number of notifications you can see will adjust based on browser height. You can see this in action on Meta now.


I believe @awesomerobot has sold himself short here.

We used to adjust the number of notifications based on browser height as well, but we had to under-estimate to avoid the scrollbar / overflowing.

On mobile (iOS at least), this often led to a a large vertical gap at the bottom:

Kris’ dark magic / CSS-fu fixed this - it now correctly displays as many as we can fit.

It’s been bugging me for a long time… Thanks for improving this! It’s such a pleasant surpise!